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We work for people and organizations

who accomplish more.​

Whether it is a family home or a world-leading research laboratory, we find that people appreciate a design that assists them to perform their tasks well. Animate designed places are clean and open of course. And with the creation of strong, focused and a productive sense of place, we deliver spaces where the sublime weightlessness of everyday activities are done joyfully.


Sometimes people need more amenities to serve diverse people in culturally sensitive situations. This addition to a Gothic styled Funeral Home expanded their business.

Frequently people want more rejuvenation, at home, where they live and thrive. Animate's many residential projects create places accommodating overlapping activities with a refreshing openness.


Argonne National Laboratory wanted more sensitivity to the real world since they mostly work in Abstract Realities. We designed the Theory and Computing Sciences Building to assist with their world-leading research.

“After 7 years as a business owner who works in my shop 6 days a week, I still love walking into my space, and I still enjoy spending time there. The space looks great, functions well, and has a comfortable feeling.“    

Nina, LLC, retail

“hey, i just wanted to say thanks for making this building happen. it's really surprising how satisfying it is to be able to look out the window and watch the seasons change, to have an interesting space to walk through during my daily activities, etc.

great stuff. it makes a difference.



Theory and Computing Sciences Building 




“Together Harriet and I have been in six offices. One designed by... and yet over the years, this is by far the best space we have ever worked in. When we bring clients here, they absolutely love it. The innovative office spaces work really well, it’s been great.“  


Health Brand Group​

“Every day I appreciate things about it; some big things (the huge windows letting in views of the woods), some little things (a lovely detail where two walls meet). The longer we live here, the better we like it.”    


Home in the Woods


People's desire for more senstivity in restaurants and hospitality reflects the complexity of rapid change in our world. Animate's successful designs allow people to attend to their endeavours.

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