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1833 ~ for living in the 21st century

                  just tall enough for Chicago


For over 100 years architects have been designing single function high-rises.

Indeed, some architects are distraught over the end of corporate high-rise office towers. And yet, we see opportunity in the desire for new lifestyles that have emerged in our new shared operating environment.

Chicago high-rises

Primarily corporate office high-rises originally owned by the corporation who commissioned such buildings. More recently corporate tax structures reduced the likelihood that corporations would financially benefit by designing their own high-rises, thus developers have taken the role of commissioning architects to design speculative high-rises.

Secondly, residential high-rises proliferated in various ownership structures, but most often commissioned by a developer, even if sold as condominiums, or retained as apartments.


1833 ~ a building designed for living,
and working, playing,
and even learning

The 1833 building is composed of 52 Urban Villages. Within each Urban Villages are functions needed by people as they go about their lives including markets, cafes, schools, manufacturing, health clubs, public parks, and even offices and residences.

Truth be told, Animate invented this Urban Village concept in a response to client needs and lifestyle challenges. It's being built in the real world, one Village at a time.

Inside 1833, each Urban Village has a small public square, up in the sky, that gives everyone a sense of the larger community they live within.

1883 - Urban Village 2.jpg
1883 - Urban Village 1.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 4_edited.jpg

We design places that people enjoy using.


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