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Animate Tech~Life develops advanced, secure, and cooperative interaction tools for human collectives.

"hey Kid..."

is an imaginary tale about living in the near future, where kids love growing up in huge metropolises.

Large and small, human collectives contribute to cultural life and survivability. The breadth and depth of knowledge required to bring simple solutions into a complex world has increased beyond the capacity of lone inventors. Animate Tech~Life produces digital tools that support emergent intelligence in collectives by creating frameworks for the effective distribution of resources: physically, economically, socially, and culturally. Tech~Life frameworks enable individuals find success in their personalized endeavors while contributing to the wider society.


Civility is freedom's prerequisite.

Dynamic Property Ownership  is Animate's proprietary tool to finance and manage community infrastructure.


Years in development, this distributed ledger application responsibly distributes ownership wealth within communities, by reducing the complications of managing finances and operations for collectives that use, own, and operate buildings and infrastructure.

DPO diagram_edited.jpg

Communities thrive on small-scaled interactions between different entities and yet in the last 50 years, many resources have been extracted out of communities. Co-ops (and communes) have a long history, and shared equity is emerging, yet most of these models are relatively one-dimensional. Shared economic resource solutions frequently address limited scope problems like a grocery store or equality-based models with a narrow range of entities, such as all voters are homeowners. One-entity, one-vote decision-making processes limit the management and operations to a focus on nuisance management. The lack of effective governance prevents community projects from capturing the distinctly social opportunities of truly mixed-community and interdisciplinary livelihoods. 

The purpose of Dynamic Property Ownership is to provide easy-to-use property and financial management tool. Beyond homeowner associations, it provides collaborative communities with an accessible method to build new infrastructure and property development.

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