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It was a surprise to see Frank so honest. The pictured gesture is the logical representation of Frank and his clients towards 98% of people in this world. He appears happily “smug” in a video of the incident: El arquitecto Frank Gehry dedica una peineta a las críticas a su obra. It is possible he, and they, are unaware of many socio-economic challenges.

Two thoughts about Frank's corrupt vision of civic engagement. The first a well written article about the limits of Frank's work by Hal Foster:

And secondly a sense of positive Civic Engagement sought by Lawrence Lessig. He makes it clear that even people like Frank Gehry are trapped in a system of corruption. Frank may look down upon the unfettered masses, and yet he too, clearly has some demons. He is no more free, or expressive, than many many others.

There is a new kind of architecture neither arbitrary nor self-indulgent, which appeals to many intelligent and civilized people.

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